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Strong Design Team
We cooperate with 2 leading designing companies in Stra (VE) Italy and Sweden, they work for many premium brands like Moncler. And there are also another 2 designers in China office to do some regular development and designing.
Fast and High Quality Sample Developing
The monthly sample capacity is about 700 pairs now, if needed, there is still enough space to expand, which depends on our customers demand; All samples are made with high quality principles, and the samples will be checked piece by piece before sending out to customers.
Strong QA System
We have set up a QA system to establish our quality standard and work together with QC team (in-line checking QC and independent final inspection QC) to make sure that each production we make can reach customer standard and our own requirement. Even customer does not request, we will do also based on our own quality standard.
Quick Response and Strong Flexibility
Even though the whole team is not big now, we are very focus and flexible, which means that we can make action very fast based on customer request, and small quantity of order can be discussed and produced for customers if really necessary for them.
Social Compliance
Our factories are all BSCI approved, and the audit will be done each year. We also do some technical audit by customers if needed for first cooperation. At the same time, if customers need, we can start to use recycle material step by step to make our planet better together.
Each year, we attend Garda fair 2 times in Italy in order to make our own collection and attract new customers for us, since HOTO is still under growing and we can do more orders now based on current system.
About Us

Hotoshoes Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2019 and is located in Jinjiang City, known as the "Footwear Capital of China". The office is located in Xinlongcheng Cultural and Creative Park, Xibian Village, Chendai Town, Jinjiang City, near the largest shoe material market in China, Jinjiang International Shoe Textile City, with convenient transportation. We have our own sample room to do footwear research and development.

Hoto currently has registered subsidiaries including Hotoshoes Co., Ltd., Hotogarments Co., Ltd., Bayuan Brand Management Co., Ltd., and Siyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., integrating sales in the shoes and clothing industry. Among them, Hotoshoes and Hotogarments participate in overseas exhibitions and visit customers every year ; Bayuan Brand Management Co., Ltd. represents the sales of internationally renowned brands Skechers and Bagheera as well as its self-owned brand Walk Soul; In addition, Siyou Network Technology has a full platform of traditional and emerging e-commerce e-commerce livestreaming sales. At this point, Hoto integrates foreign trade, domestic sales, and E-commerce multi-channel sales. To lay the foundation for building Hoto Group

Sample Development Center
Currently we can make 700 pairs of samples per month,If needed,we still have enough space to expand.
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+86 159 5921 8306